Dogs on the Blog!

We have added dog portraiture to our offerings and will be posting some of our recent shoots in the coming weeks. First up is Rally, an energetic Cattle Dog belonging to a friend of ours.

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Back in the swing

It has been forever since this blog has been updated.  We have been shooting, lots of weddings, lots of family portraits, and motorcycles, lots and lots of motorcycles.  Look for some new and exciting stuff in the next few weeks!


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Eloping with Amy and Alex

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I recently did a family portrait for my amazing friends, Bobby and Melinda Walden.  It was a a blast and we created some great pictures.  I love doing this kind of work, because it becomes a treasured part of a family’s memories and travels through the generations.  I consider that very meaningful work.



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PSA for Planned Parenthood

Recently, I had the honor to work with my amazing friends at Tyche Films on a Public Service Announcement for Planned Parenthood starring Scarlett Johanssen.  Oh yeah, if you look close, you can see me in there too. Enjoy!

PSA on YouTube

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My lovely friend Kristin let me do maternity photos of her at the beach in Santa Monica.  It was a beautiful day and an absolutely stunning sunset.  What a pleasure to create such a beautiful memory for a wonderful lady.

Nothing says Santa Monica like the Pier

Playing in the water

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Get to Werk!

Here are some photos from a recent shoot for Hopper Mag at the awesome jewelry company Spragwerks in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles.   These guys make the coolest stuff; from tiny butcher knife pendants to custom wedding bands, to the simple wrench ring that I wear.

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Everybody Polka!!

Last week I stopped by Polkatots, a local Pasadena cupcake shop, to pick up some goodies for a baby shower that I was throwing.  I was so taken by the shop and the owners that I asked if they would be interested in doing a photo shoot.  The gals were sweet enough to let me come back and take some portraits of them.

Here is a taste of the result!

And the cupcakes were fantastic.

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Known Associates

LA and Seattle Cretins pose for a photo above the tunnel. Angeles Crest, Oct 2010

I took a ride up Angeles Crest with some members of the LA and Seattle chapters of the Cretins MC during this year’s LA Invasion.  It isn’t often that I get to ride with these guys other than the occasional zip around town, even though I’ve known many of them for years.

The Angeles Crest is a great road and the weather was beautiful.  It was a really fun day, big thanks for including me, guys!

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Hardly Working

I got to do a profile portrait for my friends at Hopper Mag ( today.  Making cool images of fun people, telling stories and shooting the shit sure doesn’t feel like working.  Its a great life when the things you love to do for fun are the things you get to call work.

Me shooting a Character portrait - photo by JJ

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