PolyFest 2010

What you get when you mix toy inventors with a Polynesian theme and a Best Drink Contest is an out of this world cocktail of fun, frivolity and fantastic good times.  The characters are outrageous, the themes are fantastical and the presentations are a rip roaring good time.

Yes, you did read that right, there are people who get to spend their lives inventing the toys we and our kids play with.   It is hard to imagine a better line of work for those of us who love to tinker.

The Jim E

Mad Inventor and Drink Judge Estraordinaire - Jim E

Welcome to Polyfest!

Every party should have a Tiki Fountain!

The decorations were amazing!

LadyTini arrives with much fanfare!

You never know who you are going to see in Southern California.  A highlight of the night was the paparazzi filled arrival of noteworthy pseudo-celeb, LadyTini, replete with obligatory cocktail in hand!

LadyTini Candid

A candid moment with LadyTini

We captured a quiet moment with LadyTini between the mayhem of her arrival and the chaos of her drink presentation.

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New Addition

During a recent portrait shoot, I had the opportunity to do some extra shots of Sandy and her ‘boys’. Aside from the two great big Great Danes, she has a new Bull Terrier named Ziggy. What a blast, shooting quickly before the new addition could run off and start to play, or try to eat the camera.

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The Boys

Family portraits come in all kinds of variations. During a portrait shoot in Los Angeles, the subject asked if we could do some frames with ‘the boys’. Of course!! Especially when ‘the boys’ are each twice her size! The juxtaposition of scale and the near symmetry struck me. What a fun shoot, great subjects and fun work.

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Thumbs Up!

Trying to keep cool here in Los Angeles. The fun by the pool doesn’t seem to end. The light was great, the beer cold, and the water warm. I wish every shoot was this easy and this enjoyable. Though I’m a little leery of the talent…that handlebar mustache…..

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Drinks by the Pool

A fashion pose with a decidedly unfashionable character! More fun by the pool in the middle of the hot Los Angeles summer. Photography is the most interesting for us when it is a little off the beaten path. We may have gone more than a little off the path, but it sure was fun!

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Hot Days of Summer

Here in southern California it is sizzling, so we decided to do a photoshoot by the pool! It was a fun filled, wacky good time.

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